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Alginate polyelectrolyte ionotropic gels

Part II Kinetics and mechanism of exchange of chelated nickel (II) by hydrogen ions in capillary ionotropic nickel alginate polymembrane gel complex


The kinetics and mechanism of exchange of Ni2+ by H+ ions in ionotropic nickel alginate polymembrane gels of capillary structure have been studied by pH-metric and conductimetric techniques. The rate of exchange conforms to; rate=k 1 [nickel alginate] [H+]- k −1 [alginic acid] [Ni2+] with k 1=6.34×10−2dm3mol−1s−1 and k −1=8.83×10−4 s−1 at 20°C, respectively. The activation parameters have been evaluated and a mechanism consistent with the kinetic data is discussed.

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