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Multidimensional upwind schemes based on fluctuation-splitting for systems of conservation laws


A class of truly multidimensional upwind schemes for the computation of inviscid compressible flows is presented here, applicable to unstructured cell-vertex grids. These methods use very compact stencils and produce sharp resolution of discontinuities with no overshoots.

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Communicated by T. E. Tezduyar, July 3, 1992

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Deconinck, H., Paillère, H., Struijs, R. et al. Multidimensional upwind schemes based on fluctuation-splitting for systems of conservation laws. Computational Mechanics 11, 323–340 (1993).

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  • Information Theory
  • Compressible Flow
  • Upwind Scheme
  • Compact Stencil
  • Sharp Resolution