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Nerve endings of the walls of the descendent colon and rectum


Two types of nerve endings in the muscular wall of the descendent colon and rectum are shown in this paper.

The first one, is constituted by thick extrinsic fibers ending by neurofibrillar sharpened points which are subdivided in two groups; unlimited endings having its branches placed among the muscular fascicles is one of them (interfascicular nerve endings). The other one belongs to limited endings sited in connective spaces sourrounded by the muscular bundles.

The second type of neuromuscular relation is integrated by long and slender fibers. In some cases its origine of a local neuron was prooved by us.

Endings in the mucous layer were also found. The Lieberkühn glands have nervous fibers distributing only at its bottom; nervous fibers supply only the upper part of the glands and also the epithelial surface, and an intermediary type of them distributing its branches to the whole width of the mucosae.

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