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Characterization of a null-allele for the Gy 4 glycinin gene from soybean

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Molecular and General Genetics MGG Aims and scope Submit manuscript


A null allele for the Gy 4 glycinin gene from the cultivar Raiden was sequenced and compared with a functional Gy 4 gene from another cultivar. The results showed that the null phenotype probably resulted from a point mutation that changed the translation initiation codon from ATG to ATA. Transcripts of the mutant gene were detected in total RNA from seed, but the mRNAs did not become associated with polysomes as did functional Gy 4 meassage in the control cultivar. This was probably due to premature dissociation of mutant gy 4 mRNA from ribosomes due to nonsense codons during translation of an incorrect reading frame.

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base pairs


kilobase pairs

DNase I:

deoxyribonuclease I


ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

RNAase TI:

ribonuclease TI


sodium dodecyl sulfate


10 mM Tris, 0.1 mM EDTA


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