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Blood lymphocyte volumes and diameters in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and normal controls

  • R. Kuse
  • S. Schuster
  • H. Schübbe
  • S. Dix
  • K. Hausmann
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The electronic modal lymphocyte volumes of 151 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and 305 normal controls were determined by the hydrodynamically focused multi-channel Coulter TF analyser. The mean volumes of the normally distributed groups were 166±19.3 (range 126–216) fl in patients with CLL and 206±14.4 (range 126±246) fl in normal controls. The calculated cell diameters were 6.8 (6.2–7.4) μm and 7.3 (6.8–7.8) μm respectively. Our data do not support previous reports about relations between cell size and clinical stages of the Rai and Binet classifications.

Key words

Lymphocyte volume Electronic modal volume Chronic Lymphocytic leukemia 


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  • R. Kuse
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  • S. Schuster
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  • H. Schübbe
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  • S. Dix
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  • K. Hausmann
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