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Improved processing of Hydrosweep DS multibeam data on the R/V Maurice Ewing


We have developed a new software package, called MB-System, for processing and display of Hydrosweep DS multibeam data on the R/V Maurice Ewing. The new software includes tools for modeling water sound velocity profiles, calculating multibeam bathymetry from travel time values by raytracing through a water sound velocity profile, interactive and automatic editing of multibeam bathymetry, as well as a variety of tools for the manipulation and display of multibeam data. A modular input/output library allows MB-System programs to access and manipulate data in any of a number of supported swath-mapping sonar data formats, including data collected on Hydrosweep DS, Sea-Beam “Classic”, SeaBeam 2000, SeaBeam 2100, H-MR1, Simrad EM12, and other sonars. Examples are presented of the software's application to Hydrosweep data recently collected on the R/V Maurice Ewing.

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