Quantifying hydroxyl functionality of telechelic poly(ethylene ether carbonate) diols


A Fourier transform infrared-based method for quantification of hydroxyl functionality was developed and applied to several commercial poly(ethylene oxide) samples of known difunctionality and several experimental poly(ethylene ether carbonate) (PEEC) samples. The PEEC prepolymers were synthesized by ring-opening bulk polymerization of ethylene carbonate using dibutyltin diacetate, dibutyltin dilaurate or dibutyltin dimethoxide as catalysts. Absorption measurements were made of a sterically favored five-membered hydrogen-bonded ring, containing the terminal hydroxyl group, which forms under dilute solution conditions in methylene chloride. Calibration of the method was obtained by measuring the absorption of known concentrations of a model compound. The purified polymers were shown to be hydroxy-terminated using the infrared method in conjunction with measurements of number average molecular weight.

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  • Methylene Chloride
  • Diol
  • Average Molecular Weight
  • Diacetate
  • Ethylene Oxide