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Irrigation effects on rooting patterns of Spring Barley


The objective of this experiment was to quantitatively describe, on three dates throughout the growing season, the rooting patterns of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) growing under an irrigation gradient on a clay loam soil (clayey over loamy, montmorillonitic (calcareous), thermic Vertic Torrifluvent) as Las Cruces, New Mexico. Evapotranspiration (Et) was calculated at 15 locations along the gradient, using the water balance method, and ranged from 320 to 565 mm in 1982 and 320 to 575 mm in 1983. Roots were first sampled before the irrigation treatments were started when the crop was in the tillering or jointing stage; secondly, in the middle of the growing season after heading, and finally at maturity. Soil was sampled in 0.15 m increments to a depth of 1.2 m at each location using a soil tube. Roots were extracted from the soil using a saline water flotation method. Total above-ground biomass was determined at maturity.

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