Sex Roles

, Volume 16, Issue 3–4, pp 125–136 | Cite as

Has the feminist movement influenced adolescent sex role attitudes? A reassessment after a quarter century

  • Miriam Lewin
  • Lilli M. Tragos


The attitudes of adolescents toward sex role stereotyping in 1956 were compared with the attitudes of youth in 1982. Contrary to our prediction, sex role stereotyping was not significantly less in 1982 than in 1956. Boys emphasized both sex role differentiation, and the symbols of male dominance and female subordination, more than girls did. However, girls showed significantly less dissatisfaction with being a girl in 1982 than girls did in 1956. It may be that the basic power relationships of gender had not altered by 1982 but that the self-image of girls had improved.


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  • Miriam Lewin
    • 1
  • Lilli M. Tragos
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  1. 1.Manhattanville CollegeUSA

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