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Pascal-clarifications and recommended extensions

  • Jørgen Steensgaard-Madsen


The objectives of this paper are to clarify certain issues in the language Pascal that were left open by the defining Report and to recommend specific forms for certain extensions of the language that have repeatedly appeared in discussions and even implementations. By encouraging prospective implementors to adopt a common form, we wish to enhance the prospects for practical portability of Pascal programs. Except for parameters being procedures and functions, the language constructs described by the Pascal Report are not changed, i.e. the new syntax permits the same constructs with the same (intended) meaning.

The paper expresses the author's proposal following a discussion among a small group of people who have been working on Pascal compilers and standardization. In itself it is not an attempt to standardize Pascal or present a complete revision of the Report. Concentrating on the type concept, the meaning of identifiers, and a limited number of extensions the need of which is generally accepted, the paper establishes guidelines for standardization and revision of the Pascal Report. It is presented as a carefully deliberated and (hopefully) consistent proposal for acceptance by whatever means the Pascal community may choose to adopt.


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