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Plant regeneration from various expiants of cultivated Piper species

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Morphogenetic potential of root, leaf, node and internode expiants of 3 cultivated Piper species was investigated to develop a reliable plant regeneration protocol. P. longum (pipli) was the most responsive followed by P. betle (betel vine) and P. nigrum (black pepper). In P. longum the highest number of shoot buds was produced on root expiants followed by node, internode and leaf expiants. In P. betle and P. nigrum adventitious shoot buds differentiated only from internodal and nodal ring regions, respectively. Histological examination in P. longum showed that adventitious shoot buds originate directly from the cortical cells of the root and the internode without an intervening callus phase. Benzyladenine was superior to kinetin for shoot induction and its optimum concentrations for P. longum, P. betle and P. nigrum were 1–2, 10 and 10 μM, respectively. Shoot elongation and rooting were achieved in B5 medium containing 0.5 μM benzyladenine and 1 μM indoleacetic acid, respectively. Regenerated plants were established in soil.

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N6 benzyladenine

B5 medium:

Gamborg et al. (1968) medium


indole-3-acetic acid


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Bhat, S.R., Chandel, K.P.S. & Malik, S.K. Plant regeneration from various expiants of cultivated Piper species. Plant Cell Reports 14, 398–402 (1995).

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