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Lippia dulcis shoot cultures as a source of the sweet sesquiterpene hernandulcin


The axenic shoot culture of Lippia dulcis Trev., Verbenaceae, was established on hormone-free Murashige-Skoog solid medium containing 3% sucrose. Shoots were cultured in various liquid or solid media. Woody Plant liquid medium was best for shoot multiplication, but the production of hernandulcin was relatively low. The highest hernandulcin content (2.9% dry wt) was obtained after 28 days of culture on Murashige-Skoog solid medium containing 2% sucrose. The addition of chitosan to the culture media enhanced the growth of shoots as well as the production of hernandulcin, especially with the liquid medium.

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Murashige-Skoog medium containing 2 % sucrose


Murashige-Skoog medium containing 3 % sucrose


half strength Murashige-Skoog medium containing 2% sucrose


Gamborg B5 medium containing 2% sucrose


Woody Plant medium containing 2% sucrose


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Sauerwein, M., Flores, H.E., Yamazaki, T. et al. Lippia dulcis shoot cultures as a source of the sweet sesquiterpene hernandulcin. Plant Cell Reports 9, 663–666 (1991).

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Key words

  • Lippia dulcis
  • Shoot culture
  • Chitosan
  • Hernandulcin