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The UG2-Merensky Reef interval of the Bushveld Complex northwest of Pretoria

  • W. D. Maier
  • M. P. Bowen


Northwest of Pretoria, the UG2-Merensky Reef interval overlies a Critical Zone-Lower Zone sequence that contains numerous large blocks of floor material. Nevertheless, individual layers can be correlated with equivalent units at Crocodile River mine, the Rustenburg, Impala, Union, and Amandelbult sections. Concentrations of platinum-group elements in two borehole intersections of the UG2 chromitite are 4 ppm over 1.2 m and 2.4 ppm over 2.2 m. Therefore, bulk PGE levels appear to be only moderately lower than those at Western Platinum mine. This renders models explaining PGE enrichment by upward percolating melt or fluids problematic. The Merensky Reef, although containing sulphides, is only weakly mineralized with PGE (0.6 ppm). The UG2 pyroxenite is separated from the UG2 chromitite by a 15 m noritic layer. The introduction of feldspathic cumulates between two units that elsewhere directly overly each other may be explained by the more evolved composition of resident magma in those parts of the chamber distally located with regard to a major feeder zone at Union Section. It also suggests that the UG2 unit is a multiple rather than a single cyclic unit.


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  • W. D. Maier
    • 1
  • M. P. Bowen
    • 2
  1. 1.CERM, Université du QuébecChicoutimiCanada
  2. 2.Gold Fields Mining and Development, Zwartkloof Geological CentreWarmbathsSouth Africa

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