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The dependence of animal evolution on geotectonic stages and the 2n model

  • Květ Radan 


In terms of synergetics, animal evolution necessarily seems: to be dependent on the evolutional stages of the Earth, ie on the geotectonic stages and their phases. The detailed causes of and interrelations between the extinction of certain species: and the evolution of new superior types of organisms on the one hand and the phases of geotectonic stages on the other hand still remain to be examined. Undoubtedly this is a task for paleontologists whose attention should focus on additional non-traditional investigations. From a philosophical viewpoint it seems noteworthy that, in the field of geosciences, we again arrive at the significance of the role of numbers as suggested by classical philosophers, eg Pythagoras or Plato, more than 2,000 years ago. As a matter of fact, Plato, in his work called “Thimaios”, even derived the 2n and 3n models as basic models to be used for examinations of the Earth.


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