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Industrialization of Slovenia

  • Vrišer Igor 


A new European state, the Republic of Slovenia, was constituted in 1991. It used to be considered the most industrialized and economically developed federal unit of the former Yugoslavia. There were (in 1990) 362,732 workers employed in manufactur industry, which meant 46% of all employees in Slovenia. The industrialization occurred in two waves: the first one before the Great War, and the second one, imposed and conducted by the communist regime, in the 1960's and 1970's. The latter promoted the establishing of factories all over Slovenia, particularly in the less developed regions. This process was prolonged, and the result of universal industrialization of Slovenia was that 464 Slovenian settlements had one or more industrial plants. The willful industrialization caused the substantial transformation of society, and left its traces in geographic features of Slovenia as well. The intended incorporation of Slovenia into the international market will cause considerable dilemmas and a crisis in this type of industrialization.


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