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Quaternary evolution of the Abu Quir bay, Egypt

  • Frihy Omran E. 


The Pleistocene/Holocene history of Abu Quir bay and the adjacent shoreline has been studied using textural, petrological and geotechnical information obtained from 33 boreholes. The sedimentary vertical sequence is as follows reading from bottom to top: Late Pleistocene shelf sand and stiff mud, Late Pleistocene/Holocene transgressive sand, Holocene calcareous shelf mud, Holocene nearshore sand, prodelta mud, delta plain lagoonal and marsh mud, delta front mud and sand and coastal sand of beach and dunes. These units are produced as a response to shoreline fluctuation, resulting from a wide variety of deltaic and shelf environments. The study identifies delta lobes of the former Canopic branch which was located in the western part of the bay.


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