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Acute aortic thrombosis associated with spinal cord infarction in nephrotic syndrome


Acute aortic thrombosis associated with spinal cord infarction in a 47-year-old man with nephrotic syndrome is described. He was admitted to our hospital presenting with the nephrotic syndrome. Renal biopsy revealed mild mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis. The urinary protein excretion rate transiently decreased after the start of treatment with prednisolone, but it increased again and was followed by the development of the signs and symptoms of spinal cord infarction, which was diagnosed by magnetic resonance signal abnormalities, and then symptoms of ischemia in the lower limbs. Digital subtraction angiography revealed an obstruction at the bifurcation of the abdominal aorta. Emergency thrombectomy was performed, and the arterial blood flow was reestablished. Laboratory data on the fibrinocoagulation system showed a hypercoagulable state. In this case, fibrinocoagulation abnormalities due to the nephrotic syndrome led to the hypercoagulable state, and dehydration might have triggered the thrombotic complication.

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thrombin-antithrombin III complex


soluble fibrin monomeric complex


fibrin degradation products


plasma-α2 plasmin inhibitor complex




magnetic resonance imaging


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