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Enhancement and stabilization of the production of glucoamylase by immobilized cells of Aureobasidium pullulans in a fluidized-bed reactor


Glucoamylase production by Aureobasidium pollulans A-124 was compared in free-living cells, cells immobilized in calcium alginate gel beads aerated on a rotary shaker (agitation rate 150 rpm), and immobilized cells aerated in an air bubble column reactor. Fermentation conditions in the bioreactor were established for bead concentration, substrate (starch) concentration, calcium chloride addition to the fermentation medium, and rate of aeration. Production of glucoamylase was optimized at approximately 1.5 units of enzyme activity/ml medium in the bioreactor under the following conditions: aeration rate, 2.0 vol air per working volume of the bioreactor (280 ml) per minute; gel bead concentration, 30% of the working volume; substrate (starch) concentration, at 0.3% (w/v); addition of calcium chloride to the medium at a final concentration of 0.01 M. Productivity levels were stabilized through the equivalent of ten batches of medium with the original inoculum of immobilized beads.

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Federici, F., Petruccioli, M. & Miller, M.W. Enhancement and stabilization of the production of glucoamylase by immobilized cells of Aureobasidium pullulans in a fluidized-bed reactor. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 33, 407–409 (1990).

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