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Abundances of the elements in the solar system

  • A. G. W. Cameron


The present status of abundance information for elements in meteorites and in the Sun is reviewed, and a new table of abundances of the elements, which should be characteristic of the primitive solar nebula, is compiled and presented. Special attention is called to the elemental abundances in the silicon-to-calcium region, where many of the abundances are rather poorly determined, and where these abundances have an impact on theories of nucleosynthesis of the elements. To each elemental isotope is assigned a mechanism of nucleosynthesis which may have been responsible for production of most of that isotope, and brief comments are made concerning the present status of understanding of the different mechanisms of nucleosynthesis.


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  • A. G. W. Cameron
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  1. 1.Belfer Graduate School of Science, Yeshiva UniversityNew YorkU.S.A
  2. 2.Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NASANew YorkU.S.A

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