Solar Physics

, Volume 113, Issue 1–2, pp 87–94 | Cite as

Imaging observations of radio bursts at meter-decameter wavelengths

  • Mukul R. Kundu


In this article, we review some of the recent results obtained with imaging observations of the Sun at meter-decameter wavelengths, using the Clark Lake multifrequency radioheliograph. We briefly discuss the use of imaging observations to study the large scale structure of the upper corona. We discuss non-flare associated type II/type IV bursts associated with a coronal streamer disruption event associated with a slow (⪝100 Km/s) CME. We discuss meter-decameter microbursts, which occur at coronal heights, often without any surface activity. Finally, we discuss a correlated type III burst whose emission originates almost simultaneously from two widely separated (⪞ 105 Km) locations.


Recent Result Surface Activity Scale Structure Large Scale Structure Radio Burst 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Mukul R. Kundu
    • 1
  1. 1.Astronomy Program, University of MarylandCollege Park

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