Pyogenic granuloma


A retrospective review of cases of pyogenic granuloma seen at the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia between 1984–1991 is described. Epidemiology and the factors that led to the granuloma formation were examined and only cases documented histopathologically were included in the review. Of the 110 cases, 80% developed the granuloma at the site of the previous surgery (especially entropion repair, and dacryocystorhinostomy with a stent tube or with a Jones tube) while 20% did not have a prior surgery. Recurrence occurred in 7% and these patients were in the group who had a prior surgery. Surgical procedures lead to an increased tendency for the formation of pyogenic granuloma due to different mechanisms acting via a mechanical or chemical irritation and an inhibition of re-epithelialization.

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