Journal of Engineering Mathematics

, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp 285–334 | Cite as

On shells of revolution with the Love-Kirchhoff hypotheses

  • F. Y. M. Wan
  • H. J. Weinitschke


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of A.E.H. Love's fundamental paper on thin elastic shell theory, the present article summarizes a line of developments on shells of revolution related to the Love-Kirchhoff hypotheses which form the basis of Love's theory. The summary begins with the Günther-Reissner formulation of the linear theory which is shown to contain the classical first approximation shell theory as a special case. The static-geometric duality is deduced as a natural and immediate consequence of the more general theory. The repeated applications of this duality greatly simplify the solution process for boundary-value problems in shell theory, including the classical reduction of the axisymmetric bending problem and related recent reductions of shell equations for more general loadings to two simultaneous equations for a stress function and a displacement variable. In the nonlinear range, the article confines itself to Reissner's geometrically nonlinear theory of axisymmetric deformation of shells of revolution and Marguerre's shallow shell theory with special emphasis on recent results for elastic membranes, buckling of shells of revolution and applications of asymptotic methods.

With fondness and appreciation, the authors dedicate this article to their teacher, collaborator and friend, Professor Eric Reissner, in the year of his seventy-fifth anniversary.


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