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Linkage relationships of some genes for disease and insect resistance and semidwarf stature in rice


Two-way classification of 400 F3 families from the rice cross IR2153-159-1 x Babawee for plant stature and for resistance to brown planthopper, green leafhopper, and bacterial blight indicated that Glh 3 (dominant gene for resistance to green leafhopper) and bph 4 (recessive gene for resistance to brown planthopper) are linked with a map distance of 34 units. The bph 4 gene also appears to be linked with sd 1 (recessive gene for semidwarf stature) although the linkage is less strong. However, bph 4 and Xa 4 (dominant gene for bacterial blight resistance) are inherited independently of each other. No segregation for susceptibility was observed among F3 families of crosses between varieties having Bph 3 and bph 4 genes for resistance to brown planthopper. Apparently, Bph 3 and bph 4 are either allelic or closely linked.

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