Agroforestry Systems

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Tree crop based agroforestry in Nigeria: a checklist of crops intercropped with cocoa

  • M. A. O. Oladokun


A survey of cocoa farmers in Bendel, Ogun, Ondo and Oyo States of Nigeria, carried out in 1985, showed that almost all the farmers intercropped other crops with cocoa. The intercrops included food crops such as plantain (92.3), cocoyam (85.7%), cassava (51.3%), yam (41.3%), maize (38.9%), melon (31.4%), cowpea (28.6%) and pineapple (26.0%) and tree crops such as oil palm (71.5%), kola (67.3%), coffee (41.0%), coconut (7.9%) and citrus (7.2%). Other crops are ewe-iran (Sarcophrynium brachystachys) and ewe-gbodogi (Megaphrynium macrostachyum) (45.2%), african walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum) (42.2%), aligator pepper (Aframomum melegueta) (31.6%), and iyere (Piper guinense) (20.2%). Guava, mango, pawpaw and vegetables such as celosia, okra and solanum occur in cocoa plots at rather low frequencies. As many as six or more other crops can be intercropped with cocoa at the same time.

Key words

agroforestry cocoa belt crop combination food crops medicinal plants tree crops 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • M. A. O. Oladokun
    • 1
  1. 1.Cocoa Research Institute of NigeriaIbadanNigeria

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