Influence of arginine onin vitro rooting of dwarf apple rootstock

  • Teresa Orlikowska


L-arginine was added to the rooting media for apple rootstock shoots taken from proliferating cultures. The effect was studied in combination with other rooting factors such as: phloroglucinol, initial dark period, concentration of indol-3-yl butyric acid and inorganic nitrogen levels. In all treatments, arginine caused an increase in root number per rooted shoot and enlargement of the shoot base. Arginine was especially effective with low indol-3-yl butyric acid levels as well as without it, and with low or no inorganic nitrogen. The effect of arginine on root number interacted with dark treatment and with phloroglucinol. The most efficient amount of arginine was 200 mg l−1. The possible influences of arginine on rooting are discussed.

Key words

apple rootstock arginine rootingin vitro 


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  • Teresa Orlikowska
    • 1
  1. 1.Research Institute of Pomology and FloricultureSkierniewicePoland

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