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Seasonal migrations of the common Goby, Pomatoschistusmicrops (Kroyer), in Morecambe Bay and elsewhere


Seasonal changes in abundance, and also reproduction, of the gobiid Pomatoschistus microps in intertidal pools on mussel beds at Morecambe, Lancashire, were studied from 1956 to 1961. During winter the shore was largely vacated by this species which returned for breeding purposes in spring. Spawning took place in upper shore pools from April to August. After a planktonic life of between 6–9 weeks, young fishes were recruited to the demersal population usually from June to September. A correlation between seasonal migrations and sea temperature is postulated. Geographical variation in occurrence and extent of migration in P. microps and the related sublittoral P. minutus is considered in relation to minimum winter sea temperatures over the southern Boreal and Baltic sea areas. Offshore winter migration has been found to take place in areas where such temperatures normally fall below 5° C, but not where minimum sea temperature is above 7° C. The effect of the severe winter of 1962–63 on certain populations of P. microps is described.

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