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Factors influencing fruit size in the strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch.)


Fruit size is one of the most important characteristics of highly productive strawberry cultivars. The aim of the experiments was to establish the factors responsible for the expression of this trait. The total yield of large fruits correlates closely with the total yield of all fruits and depends mainly on the mean fruit weight of all fruits. The position of fruits on the inflorescence influences the decline of fruit size to a larger extent in small-fruited clones than in the large-fruited ones. The size of the fruit is controlled by the dimension of the receptacle and number of achenes. The stimulating effects of achenes are quite different in various genotypes and the fruit weight per achene declines with the inferior blossom position. The large-fruited clones have bigger leaves, a larger photosynthetic area, and thicker petioles and flower stalks. Their cells are larger, which is common for the giant genotypes. The results suggest that there exists a possibility for indirect selection of fruit size on the basis of some additional parameters, which can be useful particularily in the years of unsuitable weather conditions.

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Key words

  • Fruit size
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  • Fragaria ananassa
  • large-fruited clones
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