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The production of strawberry plants from callus cultures


Shoots were regenerated from callus of the commercially important strawberry varieties Bogota, Brighton, Cambridge Favourite, Hapil, Ostara, Rapella, Red Gauntlet and JILA33 which is a promising selection from a current breeding programme.

The callus was initiated from explants of petiole or lamina of leaves of micropropagated shoots in vitro or of lamina or peduncle from greenhouse plants. There was more shoot regeneration with callus from lamina than from petiole although with the variety Hapil, regeneration occurred only with callus from peduncle.

With seven of the varieties, shoot regeneration occurred on culture media with BAP and 2,4-D whilst with the remaining variety, Cambridge Favourite, it occurred only with medium which contained 1AA-β alanine conjugate in place of 2,4-D.

Regenerated shoots rooted readily and the plants produced are being studied for somaclonal variation.

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