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Leaf types and their genetics in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)


Commonly the chickpea leaf is uni-imparipinnate, having 9–15 leaflets. However, certain variants have been reported; these are available in the chickpea collection at ICRISAT and were re-examined. Based on the lamina differentiation, three major classes of leaf type can be recognized: uni-imparipinnate (normal), multipinnate and simple (leaf). (Certain other leaf forms reported earlier are not classes of leaf type though they are distinct variants). It was determined that the leaf type differences are governed by two genes (mlsl), which show supplementary gene action. The multipinnate leaf is formed when the first gene is dominant (ml+sl/.sl). Whereas the simple leaf occurs when the first gene is recessive and the second gene is in either form (ml./ml.), the normal leaf is expressed when both dominant genes are present (ml+sl+/..).

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Key words

  • Cicer arietinum
  • chickpea
  • leaf types
  • uni-imparipinnate leaf
  • normal leaf
  • multipinnate leaf
  • simple leaf
  • genetics