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Resistance to Septoria nodorum blotch in several Triticum species

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Resistance to septoria nodorum blotch in Triticum monococcum, T. tauschii, T. timopheevii, T. dicoccum and T. durum was evaluated on plants at the three-leaf stage in greenhouse tests. A high frequency of resistant genotypes was found in T. monococcum, T. tauschii and T. timopheevii, but not in T. dicoccum and T. durum. The resistance of F1 plants of crosses of resistant T. monococcum (PI 289599) and T. timopheevii (PI 290518) accessions with susceptible common wheat cv. Park and durum wheat cv. Wakooma, respectively, was evaluated on the basis of percentage leaf necrosis, lesion number, lesion size and incubation period. No dominance was found for long incubation period, but various dominance relationships occurred for low percentage leaf necrosis, low lesion number and small lesion size, depending on the cross. Multiple regression analysis showed that lesion number contributed more to percentage leaf necrosis than lesion size or incubation period. Resistance to septoria nodorum blotch was transferred successfully from T. timopheevii to cultivated durum wheat. Resistant BC1F7 lines, recovered from the T. timopheevii (PI 290518) × Wakooma cross, showed normal chromosome behaviour at meiosis (14 bivalents) and were self-fertile. However, an effective level of resistance was not recovered in lines derived from the other interspecific crosses.

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