Recent history of Lake Ladoga


Combined paleolimnological investigations of a 1.8 m sediment core from the deepest north-western part of Lake Ladoga show stratigraphic changes in granulometric and chemical composition, organic matter content, diatom species composition and chlorophyll ‘a’ concentration. The sediment accumulation rate was calculated and 5 stages of lake history over the last 4 000 years were described. Changes in lake environment were mainly caused by changes in climate and lake water balance. Human impact on the lake was also traced.

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Davydova, N.N., Kurochkina, A.A. & Trifonova, I.S. Recent history of Lake Ladoga. Hydrobiologia 103, 261–263 (1983).

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  • paleolimnology
  • diatoms
  • eutrophication
  • Ladoga