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On the freshwater ostracods (Crustacea, Ostracoda) of the Sudan, with special reference to the Red Sea Hills, including a description of a new species

  • Koen Martens


A collection of freshwater ostracods from the Sudan is studied and 18 species are recorded. Paracypretta amati sp.n. is new to science. A redescription of the holotype female of Paracypretta aratra (Brady, 1904) (not recorded in this collection) and a provisional key to the species of Paracypretta are given. Heterocypris giesbrechtii (G. W. Müller, 1898) is re-described; Heterocypris sobrinus (Masi, 1932) is placed in the synonymy of H. fretensis; Hemicypris intermedia (Lindroth, 1953) is recorded for the first time since its original description and is redescribed, while Cyprinotus largereticulatus Rome, 1969 is transferred to Hemicypris. The zoogeographical composition of this fauna is briefly discussed.


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