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Fish diversity and community structure in two small tributaries of the Paraná River, Paraná State, Brazil

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In eleven sites on two small tributaries of the Paraná River (North-West Paraná State), 6.8 and 4.0 km in length, 1263 fish specimens of 28 taxons and 14 families were collected using electrofishing. Up to twelve years ago the catchments of the two rivers were covered by tropical jungle; this has now been replaced by pasture and arable fields. Mean diversity indices of Simpson and Shannon indices were close to 0.6, which would indicate that human impact affected fish populations although the river beds have retained their original shape, except cleared of riparian trees. Despite their close location (about 18 km), the two streams differed from each other in their fish faunal composition. The distinctive nature of the fish communities in the two streams was a result of: conductivity, pH, also hiding places, riparian vegetation, submerged macrophytes and depth and width of the rivers.

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