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The effectiveness of early generation (F3) yield testing and the single seed descent procedures in two cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) crosses


Two breeding procedures were compared in two cowpea crosses. Both procedures were started from the same selected F2 plants in each cross. For the early generation yield testing, the F3 lines were yield tested and a pedigree and bulk methods followed in F4 and F5. Each F5 line was bulked to provide seed for a yield test in F6. In the Single Seed Descent (SSD) procedure, a single seed was taken from each F2 plant to produce the F3 generation. The procedure was repeated for the F4 and F5. The F6 SSD lines and the F6 yield testing lines were compared in yield tests.

The results showed that differences in yielding ability of F3 lines persisted over generations indicating that selection was effective. This was confirmed by the high significant correlations between F3 yields and those of later generations which ranged from r=0.51* to 0.85**.

The grain yields of lines derived by the single seed descent procedure were as good as those derived from early generation yield testing.

Significant linear correlation between visual rating of F3 and F6 yields with actual yields revealed that it is possible to identify promising lines of cowpea visually.

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