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Cloning of cDNA, expression, and chromosomal location of genes encoding the three types of subunits of the barley tetrameric inhibitor of insect α-amylase


Three cDNA clones from barley developing endosperm, corresponding to proteins BTAI-CMa, BTAI-CMb and BTAI-CMd, which are the three types of subunits of the tetrameric inhibitor of insect α-amylases, have been identified and sequenced. The deduced amino acid sequence of BTAI-CMb corresponds to the CM16/CM17 type of subunit in wheat (92/90% identical residues) and has one putative N-glycosylation site (NLT) and a possible kinase-C phosphorylation site (SCR). The BTAI-CMa sequence differs at four amino acid residues from a previously reported one from cv. Bomi and the sequence deduced for BTAI-CMd completes (11 N-terminal residues) and confirms previously available data. The gene for BTAI-CMa (Iat1) is located in the β arm of barley chromosome 7H (syn.1), while genes for both BTAI-CMb (Iat2) and BTAI-CMd (Iat3) are in the long arm of chromosome 4H. The three genes are expressed in endosperm and their mRNAs are not detected in the other tissues tested, except Iat1, which seems to be expressed at a low level in coleoptile and roots, where it is switched off by 50 μM methyl jasmonate.

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