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Occasional egg-eating by the scale-eater Plecodus straeleni (Cichlidae) of Lake Tanganyika

  • Muderhwa Nshombo
Brief communication


Of 23 males and 39 females of Plecodus straeleni observed for one hour each, 2 males and 14 females searched for the mouthbrooder Cyathopharynx furcifer under courtship display near or in the bower to get eggs, besides foraging for other prey to ripe off scales and skin. After finding a courting C. furcifer, they quietly waited on the substrate near the bower until it spawned. Immediately after spawning, the waiting P. straeleni dashed upon the female of C. furcifer and quickly collected the eggs. This egg-eating was achieved 5 times by 3 females who spent most of their time searching and waiting.

Key words

Foraging Lepidophagy Paedophagy Cichlid fish Cyathopharynx furcifer Africa 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Muderhwa Nshombo
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of BiologyEhime UniversityBunkyo-cho, MatsuyamaJapan

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