A New Passive Islanding Detection Technique for Integrated Distributed Generation System Using Rate of Change of Regulator Voltage Over Reactive Power at Balanced Islanding

  • Ch. Rami ReddyEmail author
  • K. Harinadha Reddy
Original Article


Grid integration of renewable energy sources in distributed generation (DG) is increasing day to day life due to their advantages of increasing system reliability and power quality. Ahead of their advantages, they are suffering with the problem of unintentional islanding. Islanding is caused in the DG due to problems in the main grid. It is required to detect the islanding within 2 s after islanding as per DG interconnection standards. In this paper a new passive islanding detection method for single synchronous generator based DG and multiple DG units is proposed with rate of change of exciter voltage, over the rate of change of reactive power (dE/dQ). Due to inertia, the response of these exciter voltage and reactive power are very sensitive to small changes compared to other passive parameters, because in the real world the exciter voltage and reactive power are directly depends on the excitation of the generator. The investigations are made on the Matlab/Simulink environment. This method is clearly differentiating between islanding and non islanding events. The effectiveness of this method compared with other passive methods is, it detects islanding during zero power imbalance conditions of active and reactive power.


Rate of change of exciter voltage Rate of change of reactive power dE/dQ Passive islanding detection Balanced islanding Synchronous DG 


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