A Simple Approximate Formula for the Location of the TM and TE Mode

  • F. ChebbaraEmail author
  • F. Kara
  • T. Fortaki
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This paper, try to formulate and solve the TM and TE modal equations of the guided surface waves supported by a multilayered structure of uniaxially anisotropic dielectrics. Leads to a concise form of these we proposed a new method for determining the TM and TE characteristic equations, expressed in terms of a 4 × 4 matrix multiplication, which is easily implemented. To validate the general expression an example of a double-layered structure is used. We presented numerical results for the cutoff frequencies of the surface wave modes of a five-layer isotropic structure. Finally, a simple approximate formula for the location of the TM0 mode is also given.


TM and TE modal equations Surface waves Multilayered media Fourier-transform domain Matrix representation 


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  1. 1.Department of Electronic and TelecommunicationsOuargla UniversityOuarglaAlgeria

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