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A technical review of research progress on thin liquid film thickness measurement

  • Bo Wang
  • Bingzheng Ke
  • Bowen Chen
  • Ru Li
  • Ruifeng TianEmail author
Review Article


The thickness of the thin liquid film and its effects have always been a research hotspot in nuclear power applications and operating nuclear power plants, because the flow phenomenon of the liquid film is extremely common in multiphase flow research. Based on papers published in recent years, novel research progress on thin film thickness is reviewed from the following two perspectives: the experimental measurement and the theoretical model of liquid film thickness. For the experimental measurement, methods mainly include the PLIF method, the capacitance method, and the ultrasonic method. The following contents in this part are mainly reviewed from the PLIF method, the capacitance method, the ultrasonic method, and other methods for the measurement of the liquid film thickness on the wall, the liquid film thickness on the tube wall, and other aspects of the liquid film thickness. For the model, the theoretical model of liquid film thickness on the wall is mainly reviewed from two aspects: vertical flow and horizontal flow. Other models are mainly reviewed from the following aspects. They are annular film thickness, liquid film thickness for gas–liquid annular flow, and film thickness in pipes.


film thickness PLIF technology theoretical model experimental measurement capacitance method 



Archimedes number


Bond number based on the bubble acceleration


Capacitance between two parallel conductive plates


Capillary number


Criterion for the limit in capillary number


Outside diameter of tube


Tube inner diameter


Froude number for gas phase


Liquid film thickness


Sum of the reflected light intensity


Incident intensity


Spectral absorption coefficient


Refractive indexes of air absorption medium


Refractive indexes of liquid absorption medium


Reflectivity on the liquid-gas interface


Liquid film Reynolds number


Liquid feeding rate


Intertube spacing


Dimensionless slip velocity


Weber number


Weber number for liquid phase


Weber number for gas phase

Greek symbols


Modification coefficient


Dynamic viscosity


Incident angle


Circumferential angle measured from the top of the horizontal tube


Circumferential angle


Liquid flow rate on one side per unit length of cylinder


Flow rate of the liquid on one side of the tube


Density of the liquid


Density of liquid


Density of gas


Liquid film thickness


Initial liquid film thickness


Dielectric constant


Surface tension of the liquid


Disc spinning speed



Computational fluid dynamics


Diode laser absorption spectroscopy


Laser confocal displacement meter


Laser Doppler velocimeter


Laser focus displacement meter


Laser induced fluorescence


Planar laser induced fluorescence


Taylor analogy breakup


Turbulent fluidized bed


Thin film colorimetric interferometry


Water film thickness



Decelerated condition


Gas phase


Liquid phase


Steady condition



The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support provided by the Ph.D. Student Research and Innovation Fund of the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51676052), and Chinese Universities Scientific Fund.


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