Danny Dorling and Stuart Gietel-Basten: Why Demography Matters

Cambridge: Polity Press 2018, ISBN 978-0-7456-9841-0, Paperback, 24.95, 258 pp.
  • Michael E. Cline

“It’s Basically Over for Anglos” (Mata 2011)

This is the unfortunate headline that recently spread like wildfire throughout the right-wing blogosphere, taking out of context the reply to a question posed to former U.S. Census Bureau Director and Texas State demographer, Steve Murdock -- a man who spent his career describing the demographic changes occurring in Texas and the USA, and advocating for universal education regardless of race and ethnicity as American society becomes more racially and ethnically diverse. As authors Danny Dorlin and Stuart Gietel-Basten remind us in their excellent text, Why Demography Matters, this misinterpretation of demographic work is not uncommon. They remind us that the work of demographers is inherently political. We prepare population estimates, projections, and other analyses in order to inform public policy. Sometimes, the information we share will be heeded and understood in the ways in which they were intended but, alas, in others, the...


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