Globales Wissen und Science Diplomacy im 20. Jahrhundert. Eine Bestandsaufnahme

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Emerging Field Essay

Global Knowledge and Science Diplomacy in the 20th Century. A Literature Review


In recent years, science diplomacy has become a hot topic in international affairs, and is now also emerging as one of the most vibrant subfields within International History. This article examines newer historical research that addresses the history of science diplomacy or offers fruitful avenues for such a history. The review identifies three broader trends in current scholarship: a focus on universities and foundations as transnational actors of science diplomacy, a shift of interest towards the ways transnational flows of knowledge were organized and managed politically during the Cold War, and an increasing overlap of global environmental history with the histories of science and knowledge.


Science Diplomacy Cold War Science Universities Transnational history of science History of development History of knowledge Environmental history 



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