Electromechanical Coupled Parametric Vibrations for Electromagnetic Railgun

  • L. Xu
  • L. Peng
  • D. Wu
Original Paper



In the rail gun system, the current fluctuation occurs which causes the changes of the electromagnetic stiffness and forms disturbance to the dynamics system. It may lead to disturbances of the projectile trajectory. This is an electromechanical-coupled parametric vibration problem and should be investigated.


Rails in electromagnetic railgun are assumed to be elastic foundation beams. The current flowing through the rail causes an electromagnetic repulsive force between the two rails. The fluctuation of rail current causes mechanical vibration and stiffness change of the rails. The wave current is assumed to vary in the cosine function.


Considering the current fluctuation in the railgun system, an electromechanical-coupled parametric vibration equation is proposed. Using Poincare method, the coupled parameter vibration equation is resolved.


As the dynamic current amplitude, the static current, and distance of the armature to the entrance of the gun increase, the unstable region of the railgun system vibrations increases. As the distance between the two rails, the rail thickness and the rail width, and the stiffness of the elastic foundation increases, the unstable region of the railgun system vibrations decreases.


In this paper, the unstable regions of the railgun system are determined and their changes as the function of the system parameters are analyzed. Results can be used to increase the stability of electromagnetic railgun.


Railgun Parametric vibrations Electromechanical coupled 



This project is supported by the Doctoral Research Program Foundation of Education Ministry of China (Priority development areas, No. 20131333130002).


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  1. 1.Mechanical Engineering InstituteYanshan UniversityQinhuangdaoPeople’s Republic of China

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