Concrete Formwork in 3D

The BASF Group recently presented innovative solutions with concrete and digital production methods under the brand name Master Builders Solution. Application engineers demonstrated 3D-printed formwork forms with their concrete casts.

It was shown how 3D-printed formwork can be produced and used in practice thanks to an innovative system with the concrete building materials adapted to it. The concrete additives and grouts from Master Builders Solutions, which are optimized for filling 3D-printed formwork, as well as the 3D printing materials can already be used in projects today.

In 3D printing, workpieces are built up layer by layer under computer control. It is a so-called additive manufacturing process. In this way, highly complex shapes can be produced, including formwork for concrete casting. With 3D printing, these formworks for walls or facades can be fabricated with integrated patterns - so-called matrices - which otherwise would not be possible at...

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