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Influence of Nanographene Oxide on Calcium Aluminate Cement Hydration

  • Andrius kudzma
Research and Development

Abstract: For this work calcium aluminate cement (CAC) was prepared with Al2O3 content ≥ 70 mass-% and a nanographene oxide solution (GOS) additive. SEM, XRD, calorimetry, and electrical conductivity (EC) measurements were carried out. Studies have shown that the addition of GOS has an effect on the hydration of CAC compared to the cement paste only with water. It was determined that nanographene oxide affected the formation of crystal hydrates: in a cement stone with a nanographene oxide additive, the intensities of CAH10 hydrates were shown to be higher. It was determined that nanographene oxide affects CAC at a temperature of 20 °C as follows: the heat flow maximum in a cement paste with the nanographene oxide suspension is fixed after 18.5 h, i.e., 2.5 h earlier than cement paste mixed with water. Electrical conductivity examination showed that the addition of GOS in the CAC suspension accelerated ion release.

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  • Andrius kudzma
    • 1
  1. 1.Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in LithuaniaVilniusLithuania

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