Solution Combustion Synthesis of Alumina Spinel and its Characterization

  • S.R. Ghosh
  • Soumya MukherjeeEmail author
  • S. Banerjee
Research and Development Refractory Materials


Refractories as liners play an important role in the metallurgical, glassmaking, steel and ceramic industries. Spinel-based magnesium aluminate is an excellent refractory oxide for the production of high temperature materials focusing on emerging science and technology. It offers the attractive combination of physical and chemical properties like high mechanical strength at elevated temperature, a high melting point, high chemical inertness and thermal stability. Normally, this refractory material is prepared by energy-intensive high temperature solid state processing. Is there a way to synthesize Magnesium aluminate spinel over a solution combustion low temperature chemical route?


alumina spinel XRD FTIR morphology 


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