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Editorial to Volume 71 Issue 2

  • Muthuswamy Anandaraj

Dear Readers,

The second issue (Vol. 71: April–June, 2018) of Indian Phytopathology is in your hand almost on time. The editorial committee is striving hard to maintain the periodicity with the help of all concerned especially the editors and authors. It is our earnest desire to get the next issue July–September (2018) at the earliest, possibly before September.

In this issue, there are nineteen articles: one review article, twelve research articles, five short communication and one first report. The book review is by an eminent plant pathologist and science manager Dr. C.D. Mayee on the book entitled “Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology” written by another eminent plant pathologist Dr. H.N. Gour. The review by T.S. Thind and A.C. Schilder on “Understanding photoreception in fungi and its role in fungal development with focus on phytopathogenic fungi” makes an interesting reading and opens up new vistas for research on disease management.

The thirteen research articles and five short communications are on varied crops like Aloe, citrus, Euonymus, mango, potato, strawberry, tobacco, tomato, sesame and wheat. The organisms include Bipolaris, Curvularia, Oidium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Phytoplasma.

There is one paper on the use of arbuscular mycorrhiza and many on biocontrol agents like, Pseudomonas, species of Trichoderma. Characterization of organisms using molecular tools for understanding variability pathogenicity, locating resistance diversity analysis takes centre stage. It is heartening to note pathologists liberally use molecular tools to understand the diversity and host–pathogen interaction at molecular level.

My sincere thanks are due to the executive committee, editorial team and business manager for all their help in maintaining the quality of publications. As usual, it is my humble request to all the contributors to send quality papers for publication in Indian Phytopathology to improve scientific content of the journal.

M. Anandaraj

Chief Editor, Indian Phytopathology Society, New Delhi

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