Electrical and Optical Properties of Flexible SiInZnO/Ag/SiInZnO Multilayer Electrodes

  • Byoung Keun Kim
  • Sang Yeol LeeEmail author
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The amorphous SiInZnO/Ag/amorphous SiInZnO (SIZO/Ag/SIZO) multilayers have been fabricated for the application of transparent conducting electrodes. The amorphous characteristic and low surface roughness of SIZO thin film were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. When SIZO/Ag/SIZO multilayer was compared to ITO/Ag/ITO multilayer, the SIZO/Ag/SIZO multilayer showed higher transmittance than ITO/Ag/ITO multilayer due to the decreasing scattering effect. In addition, the SIZO/Ag/SIZO multilayer deposited on PET flexible substrates at room temperature showed improved mechanical flexibility observed by bending test compared with that of ITO/Ag/ITO multilayer mainly due to amorphous phase of SIZO.


Transparent electrode Oxide/metal/oxide SiInZnO Flexible electrode 



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