Effect of Carrier Diffusion on Optical Bandgap Design of Metal Oxide/Metal/Metal Oxide Multilayer

  • Jin Young Hwang
  • Sang Yeol LeeEmail author
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Taking using of amorphous oxide semiconductor of Si–In–Zn–O (SIZO) and metal of Ag, SIZO/Ag/SIZO multilayers, which is an oxide/metal/oxide (OMO) having a different thickness of SIZO layers and Ag layers have been fabricated. Optical bandgap (Eg) of OMO is observed to be limited by SIZO layers which have relatively low Eg value. However, benefit from the carrier injection from adjacent Ag layer, carrier density of SIZO layers is multiplied in several orders of magnitude, which results in an obvious Eg expansion about 0.4 eV in number. Eg expansion is expected to be useful for the design of wide bandgap transparent electrode.


Optical bandgap Inter-band transition OMO multilayer Amorphous oxide 



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