Investigating Undoped HfO2 as Ferroelectric Oxide in Leaky and Non-Leaky FE–DE Heterostructure

  • Bhaskar AwadhiyaEmail author
  • Pravin N. Kondekar
  • Ashvinee Deo Meshram
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In this paper, we have investigated non-leaky and leaky FE–DE heterostructure with undoped HfO2 and Zr doped HfO2 as a ferroelectric material. Use of undoped HfO2 in place of Zr doped HfO2 as a ferroelectric material will ease the deposition process and simplify the processing steps, as ferroelectricity in undoped HfO2 can be obtained without introduction of dopant elements. This replacement of ferroelectric oxide enhances the performance of heterostructure in terms of absolute voltage amplification (\(V_{D} > V_{S}\)). Undoped HfO2 provides higher magnitude voltage amplification as compared to Zr doped HfO2 although the range to voltage amplification is reduced.


Lead zirconium titnate (PZT) Ferroelectric (FE) Dielectric (DE) Paraelectric (PE) Landau–Khalatnikov (LK) Physical vapor deposition (PVD) Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) 



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