Double Junction Characteristics of Amorphous TiO2 Thin Film Due to Various Potential Barriers

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This report investigated the chemical, physical and electrical properties of TiO2 that was prepared with various oxygen gas flows and annealing temperatures to create different Schottky barriers. The thin films of the Schottky contact with double barriers were observed as increments of the capacitance. The oxygen vacancy increased at the film with the crystal structure and decreased at the film with the amorphous structure. It was confirmed that the current–voltage characteristics differ when observed in the low current area because the formation of potential barrier varies depending on the condition of the interfacing even in thin films with similar amorphous characteristics. Because the size of the potential barrier is mostly small, current is not observed in areas high at μA level, but at nA level, the electrical properties of the potential barrier could be observed more closely by the effect of relatively large potential barriers. It was found that the single and double connections were made depending on the size of the potential barrier at Schottky contact according to the after annealing treatment temperature.


TiO2 XRD Double junction Oxygen vacancy Capacitance 



This work (2019R1H1A2079093) was supported by Mid-career Researcher Program through NRF (National Research Foundation) Grant funded by the MEST (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology).


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